What is the process from order to completion?

Once your order has been accepted we go on and process the seat covers. Usually this takes two weeks to manufacture and come into stock. If you have bought kit only or eZee covers we will send out on a next day delivery. If we are fitting the covers, once we have the seat covers we will contact you and arrange a convenient day and time to either come to your requested address or for you to bring your vehicle to us. If we come to you we will strip the seats and door trims etc from your vehicle and return to York to trim. Once trimmed we will return to your address and fit to the car and check all is working fine. This process usually takes 48 hours. If you bring your vehicle to us we will arrange a driver to take you into York or any of our other local attractions. We will re-trim your vehicle within the day and pick you back up so that you can return home in your newly trimmed car within the day. 

What if you don’t have the pattern for my car?

We have a pretty comprehensive list of cars we have the patterns for but if we don’t have the pattern for your particular model don’t worry. We can make patterns for any car so its not the end of the world. Our patterning process takes around three weeks so we would need the seat covers from your car for that period of time. We are working on obtaining a small fleet of loan cars to give to customers whilst their car is being patterned. Please call us to discuss.

How Long will it take to re-trim my car?

Most cars can be trimmed in around six hours or so, As long as you can arrive early enough at our workshops we can usually get your car turned around within the day.

Is it easy to fit the seat covers myself?

Ezee fit seat covers are made specifically for DIY customers and are very easy to install without the need to strip the original covers off your seats. Our bespoke seat covers and specially configured seat covers and are a direct replacement for the original car seat cover. Customers requiring to buy in kit form would need some form of manual dexterity or know some one who may have. Tradesmen and handy people should be able to fit our kits but if you want a really professional finish we suggest getting us to fit the bespoke and configured seats. Either way we are always on hand to give advice.

I have airbags in my seats is this a problem?

Absolutely no problem. We have invested in the latest technology and all our airbag seams are made to the exact standard of your original seat covers. During the sewing process of the airbag seam our system keeps a record of who the sewing worker is, date and time of the work carried out. Sewing tension and stitch length. Only the correct sewing thread can be installed as the system has readers that will only allow the machine to sew if the correct threads are used. Once the seam has been successfully sewn only then is a barcode printed which hold all this information. This barcode is attached to the seat covers and proves the reliability of the seam produced.  

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