Universal heated pads

Combat the cold with Seat Surgeon’s carbon fibre heated seat pads. They’re universal which means they will fit into all types of vehicle. Due to their size, our heated pads can be fitted under cloth, leather, tekko and vinyl seat covers! And you won’t even see a difference.

Don’t worry about experiencing any hot spots because these pads warm up evenly, and fast offering relief to any aches and pains you might have, giving you that relaxed car journey. They offer a high and low setting of heat along with neutral, the button is so discreet you won’t know it’s there.

Make sure you won’t get caught out and prepare yourself with a comfortable necessity for driving in winter. You can get yourself a pair fitted by us for just £250!

If you’re interested please enquire at our Contact page or phone 01904 492833

Benefits of having heated seats in your car:

  • Can help relieve back pain while in the car.
  • Faster and more efficient heating of the car.
  • Helps your vehicle retain its resale value.
  • No change to the look of the vehicle.
  • Don’t have a passenger to make use of the second pad? Use it to keep your takeaway warm on the way home!
  • Trustpilot