How To Go Vegan With Man-Made ‘Leather’ Interiors

How To Go Vegan With Man-Made ‘Leather’ Interiors

Environmental responsibilities are part and parcel of being a road user, this much is true. We must all be diligent about the mark we leave on Mother Nature; for vegan drivers, this understandably translates to more than keeping our emissions down.


Leather interiors are a stumbling block for drivers wanting to avoid animal-based products. However, this doesn’t mean you need to compromise on beautiful upholstery.  There is another material that’s cruelty-free, possessing the same look and feel with none of the associations. Let us introduce TeKKo leather…


A conflict of interest 

Leather is a hallmark of quality in a high-end vehicle, up there with a powerful engine or a pin-sharp audio system. But not everyone craves cow-hide interiors. Independent market studies suggest vegetarians constitute somewhere between 7-11% of the population; that’s potentially 1 in 10 drivers who have a strong moral aversion to leather seating.

Many premium car manufacturers are ignorant of personal sensitivities, which can make finding an ethical, luxury car challenging for a vegan. Thankfully, The Seat Surgeons have found a product that has all the durability, texture and colour finishes of actual leather, without using production methods that you may be uncomfortable with.

It’s called TeKKo, and we think you’ll love it.


The imitation game

Made from synthetic micro-fibres, and built to resemble the touch and feel of leather, TeKKo is a new spin on classy car interiors. Taking the vegan philosophy on board, we’re extremely proud of our animal-friendly alternative for a comfortable and stylish driving experience.

TeKKo has many of the same properties as leather, including a significant resistance to stains and dirt marks, whilst being almost indestructible against anything a passenger could throw at it. There’s really very little to distinguish it from a true leather counterpart, except, of course, the knowledge that no animals have been harmed in its creation.


Ethical, affordable interiors

Our TeKKo products are ideal for vegans looking to reupholster their vehicle, as well as offering the wider public a cost-effective alternative to leather. This faux leather can be applied to single seat covers, or bought as the full package for your interiors.

What’s more, we have a stunning array of colours to choose from. From sunburnt oranges to deep, soothing blues, there are multiple designs to play with. We also have nappa TeKKo, which is your best bet for imitating the old-school flavour of black leather seating.


If you like the sound of man-made, cruelty-free ways to achieve a gorgeous car interior, we doubt you’ll want to sit on the issue for any longer. It has likely been a problem you’re all too familiar with, so why wait to transform your vehicle? The Seat Surgeons would be happy to give you a quote.

Have a glance through our full range of TeKKo products to see what’s right for you. For more information about reupholstering your car interior, or to arrange a booking, get in touch today.

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