How to clean your bespoke car leather interior

How to clean your bespoke car leather interior

Cleaning your car leather interior is not a labour intensive job. It is very straight forward and when done regularly will keep your interior in great condition.

First of all you need to remove any surface dirt with a vacuum cleaner taking care not to scratch the leather with the hose.  Also if parts of your leather seats are perforated, a vacuum is a good way of removing any dirt that may be stuck in the holes.

We at The Seat Surgeons highly recommend using Autoglym Leather Cleaner. This cleaner has a neutral pH formulation which will not remove the essential oils which keep the leather supple and prevent from cracking.

You will need a spray bottle.  Fill the spray bottle with tap water.  Spray your seats with a little water then spray the Autoglym Leather Cleaner on the watered areas. Then wipe with a cloth.

As simple as that.

We recommend cleaning your seats at least 3 or 4 times a year.  You may want to do this more often if you have a light coloured leather interior or if you notice the dirt building up.

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