Leather Upholstery Seat Cover Sale

Leather Upholstery Seat Cover Sale

Upgrade your vehicle’s interior faster than ever with our discounted seat cover stock.

We have kits available for the VW Transporter, Ford Ranger and Range Rover Sport.

We have just ONE set of each seat cover available and ready to be fitted, see below.

All the VW Transporter seat covers on sale have been sewn with our industry-leading CNC stitching machine ensure stitch perfect centre quilting as well as a modern style to really show off your Transporter. That combined with our team of skilled workshop upholsterers, guarantees a perfect result every time. 

The Process:

After years of becoming familiar with Transporter vans, our team are able to fully reupholster seat covers onto your existing seats in less than half a day. Once your van is at our workshop, the seats are unbolted and moved onto a workbench where our trimmer removes the existing cloth. By using bars, clips and hog rings, the new covers are fitted onto the existing foams as if they were factory fitted this way. Once complete the covers are heated up to remove and creases and securely bolted back into the van. Last but certainly not least, all safety checks are carried out ready for you to leave our premises.


Our seat cover stock includes a mix of materials, read about them below:

Tekko is made from synthetic micro-fibres and built to resemble the touch and feel of leather. It has many of the same properties as genuine leather including a significant resistance to stains and dirt marks, whilst being almost indestructible against anything a passenger could throw at it. It is the perfect solution for customers looking for a cost-effective alternative to leather while keeping a comfortable and stylish driving experience.

Standard Leather is corrected grain, embossed cowhide. This hard-wearing leather is our most popular and affordable range and is usually found on factory fitted OEM seat covers.

LP1 is a mixture of PU (which is used on the back and sides of the seat) and Standard Leather which is used in the centre of the seats. This format is ideal if you are on a budget as the cost of the kit will be cheaper than if produced in full Standard Leather.

All VW Transporter Seat Covers:

Please note these seat covers are to fit a 5 seater, T6 and T6.1 (1+1, 2+1 configuration).
RP01 - Red and Black Stitched seat cover for a VW Transporter.

RP01 – Red and Black Stitching

RP01 - All Red Stitched cover for a VW Transporter.

RP01 – All Red Stitching






RP01 - All Grey Stitched cover for a VW Transporter.

RP01 – All Grey Stitching

RP02 - Red and Black Stitched cover for a VW Transporter.

RP02 – Red and Black Stitching









RP04 - Red and Black Stitched cover for a VW Transporter.

RP04 – Red and Black Stitching

RP05 - All grey stitched cover for a VW Transporter.

RP05 – All Grey Stitching







RP05 - All Red Stitched cover for a VW Transporter.

RP05 – All Red Stitching





No.1 - Tan and grey stitched seat cover for a VW Transporter

No.1 – Tan and grey stitching.





Ford Ranger:

QA2P - Red Stitched seat cover for a Ford Ranger.

Ford Ranger – QA2P Red Stitching









Range Rover Sport:

Range Rover Sport – QA1P Ivory stitching






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