What Does Your Car Interior Say About You?

What Does Your Car Interior Say About You?

As self-help gurus like to remind us, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. In terms of your car, an initial ‘wow’ factor won’t last long if your passengers detect marks of poor care on your bespoke leather seats, or suspect a boring interior is letting you down.

Applying the same attention and love to the inside of your vehicle says a lot about the kind of person you are. There are a couple of ways to project your own, unique personality with the leather you choose, so without further ado, let’s examine them.


Tired seats = tired ambitions

As a measure of comfort and consistent pleasure, leather seats take some beating. However, wear and tear isn’t exclusive to lesser products: leather has to be looked after, otherwise cracks will (literally) start to show.

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Poor upkeep undoes much of the brilliance of having a leather interior in the first place. The image of cool, textured professionalism can’t survive peeling covers and scratches an inch deep. If you don’t get your seats upholstered by a service that knows what it’s doing, it’ll seem like you’ve only gone half the mile for a premium impression.


Placing you on the spectrum

Colour, somewhat inescapably, tends to express our characteristics more than we realise. A business executive might gravitate towards an interior that’s as black as their balance sheet. For an austere look that doesn’t give too much away, black leather reigns supreme, couching your car in a sense of mystery.

tan leather car seats

Alternatively, bright tan schemes sidle up to a more old-fashioned aesthetic. This isn’t to say they look dated, but it speaks for a certain homeliness and classic charm. For creative spirits, reds and blues are an attention-grabbing way to express your personality. Colour choices, after all, are an obvious representative of the person behind them.


Quality matters

There are two types of leather grades commonly used for vehicle interiors: pigmented, or semi-aniline. Whilst many people aren’t aware of the fundamental differences in these definitions, they’ll definitely affect the overall characteristics of your car.

The first category, pigmented leather, is widely applied to most vehicles that have a leather finish. It has a relatively thick protective coating above the natural leather material, but it can feel stiff if you know your interiors well. That’s why leather aficionados often go for semi-aniline, which has a much thinner coating, allowing the leather to be suppler and more pliable.

Of course, there’s no harm going for either option, but it’s something to think about when you’re decking out a new car interior, or retouching what you already have. For those of us who see cars as more than an accessory – indeed, as a signboard for our deepest levels of taste – then leather interiors do have an inner heartbeat to them, reflecting our desires and aspirations.

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So, what does your car interior say about you? If you need more personal advice from a leather fitting and maintenance service that goes the extra distance, get in touch on 01904492833, or email sales@theseatsurgeons.co.uk today.





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