Which Car Colour Interior Is Best?

Which Car Colour Interior Is Best?

People come in all sorts of stripes, but a particular colour can suit us to a T. Many of us have an immediate affinity with one part of the spectrum, and we move towards it in our style choices every day. If you’re a driving fanatic, then the shade of your car interior is a major expression of your personality, since it’s pretty much the wrapping that clothes your favourite toy.

Whilst black is the classic choice for leather seats, it tends to show up dust and dirt more than you’d think, and it shouldn’t stifle a desire to bring our favourite colours to the table. Consider these alternatives for an interior that speaks to you:

The brilliance of beige

Just imagine, for a moment, that you’re driving along wearing fancy gloves and tooting a horn gently on country roads. It takes a lot of effort to make this timeless impression, right? Well, a glaze of beige does half the work for you, spreading a smart, refined sensibility over your vehicle.

Discovery in Black Nappa with Beige Quilted and perforated Centres


As the lighter side of this spectrum shies away from being old-fashioned, creating a feeling of ultra-spaciousness instead, it’s a great option for projecting a relaxed and regal appearance. Just beware of marks and stains that can spoil the picture.

Warm, but not scolding

Reds, oranges and yellows practically fizz with life, invoking some of our strongest emotions at a single glance. The image of sunsets glinting off a chrome hood can mingle with roaring connotations of fire and energy, making these colours some of the most dangerous (yet effective) schemes to go for.

VW Caddy orange

A dark orange, for example, is much better than something as bright as a midday Solero. Similarly, you’ll want to steer clear of reds that look too carnal or aggressive. Combine your favourite colour with splashes of black or grey to prevent overpowering the eye. Even if you’re an exhibitionist, the effect should be subtly warm, not hot to the touch.

Getting the blues

Far from having a downbeat flavour, blues and greens can have an awesome effect while you’re driving, calming the more frantic nature of the road. Since they’re generally easier on the eye, you can wash them across every inch of an interior without fearing it’ll be too much. Getting a tasteful forest-green finish sets you apart from regular leather enthusiasts, and the distinction is a great match for dark exterior paint jobs.

Black leather with blue leather centres and blue diamond stitching.

Black leather with blue leather centres and blue diamond stitching.

Blue can be combined with fine black style choices to get a look that’s artistically confident. Black headrests, for instance, can really make a deep blue seat appear even more luxurious. Mixing and matching these colours will give you tons of inspiration for a balance that feels just right.

Straying away from traditional car interiors can be empowering, letting your character shine through in new ways. Seat Surgeons can give you a fresh colour change whenever you need it; our seating experts have a massive palette to draw from.

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